Sunday, February 28, 2010


Reflection is but the bouncing of waves on a surface to return in the direction from which they began. I have had my waves bounce off the information presented in this class and find I am close to a pure reflection of my initial theories from week one. The slight change I see is the types of technology I will implement for future assignments and projects. I have added the Voice Thread application and online concept maps to my bag, which reflects a bit larger than the original.

What has not changed are my instructional strategies; they are a complex mix of three proven theories practiced by leading teachers today: Gardner’s multiple intelligences, neuroscience, and social constructionism. Each of the studies allows me to incorporate my styles for delivery with student styles of learning. The brain must receive repetitious signals connected to emotions and feelings, if memory is to occur. It is my job to make that happen for each unique learner under my instructional care. I will continue to do my best, and incorporate further brain-based learning techniques when delivering course material.

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