Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reflection of Inquiry Online

The course has taught me so much about the invisible integration of web literacy within a curriculum unit. Whenever using the internet, students are challenged to verify information as credible and viable. It is not always an easy task to teach children of middle school age to investigate authors. I found my year to gain interest and respect of credible sources from the written word on the World Wide Web since implementing ideas presented from this course.
Personally, I learned how to recognize URL addresses as personal versus private, and how to use Boolean searches to narrow my information (Eagleton & Dobler, 2007). The use of these two tools has proven a valuable resource to pass along to my students. I found by providing a small amount of technique to already learning and searching minds, I was able to help my students focus their intent to a much narrower margin.

Eagleton, M. B., & Dobler, E. (2007). Reading the Web: Strategies for Internet inquiry. New York: The Guilford Press.

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