Sunday, September 20, 2009

Firewalls and lack of access

This week I have become even more furious at the access available through my school/work computer. It seems over the summer, the computers were stripped down, reconfigured, firewalls added (in addition to those in place), and more access denied! I can not even get my flash drive to work without having the tech support guy show up to enter the administration password! When I continued to rant of my fury of this latest problem I was told they were only following the protocol set up by the administration. (I was also told if I could "hit "cancel" about 4 or 5 times, you should be able to get it to load.") Seriously??? Do I have time to wait for the 3 windows of NO ACCESS to try and pass me by while waiting for a file that I may be able to access if I hit the cancel button! So much for downloading the files at home and saving to upload at my computer. Now, even that seems to be out the door! So frustrating to teach in the "technology driven schools" when there is such limited access to the technology we are pushing!

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