Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing Me

Welcome to my blog! This is my first posting of what will be a regular blog. I am excited to start this blog, my first, both to enhance my education of technology and to further reach out to the educational community for insight and introspect. I welcome your thoughts and comments to my posts and hope through this blog we can learn more about the technological world and its every growing interface with the educational climate. I hope to gain knowledge and insight about the technology out there for use and that it will lead me to expand my blog to reach parents and students working in my physical classroom to this virtual one.
I have limited technology for use at my school. We have 2 computer labs, 1 of which is a classroom for the computer teacher; the other is for all teachers to use on a sign up basis, and the days go fast. We have 1 teacher computer for each classroom and no signs of student computers on the horizon. Although there is access within the building to sign out various equipment pieces, none is to be kept in the classroom itself other than for that day’s use. Last year our single SMART board was put into service, although in the computer lab for several years as a “jumbo-tron” of the teacher’s computer screen. I am pleased with the interactive features and look forward to using it more often.

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