Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carrying out my GAME plan...

I would love the think I am getting somewhere with my GAME plan, but I feel like I've only been playing games! Games of checkers, Yahtzee, and multiple card games, as well as ball & know, the ones 2- & 4-year-old little boys LOVE! So, truth be told, I haven't worked on my GAME plan, but I know where I am going to start.

Thanks to last weeks insights and suggestions, I will be starting with John's idea of a Yahoo Group for my parents and/or students. I did send an email requesting information about the availability of internet use for my parents without, but I have not received a response. I know my middle school always recommended the public library, and I'm sure the elementary I'm moving to will not be much different, but I have hope! I guess that means I have at least started thinking about my GAME plan...

As for resources, well, that seems an endless wish-list! I will need to have parental support, staff support & help (we have multiple teachers in the same grade level), and support from the IT department! I will be hoping to receive a Promethean board from a grant writing initiative and look to investigate all the wonders that would mean for a classroom, instead of a school-wide computer lab. Hey, in these economically challenging times, it pays to dream big!


  1. Marie,
    Knowing where you are going to start is the first step to effectively executing any plan, so kudos to that. Thank you for having such a positive and refreshing outlook. I hope that you continue to enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Heather Streb

  2. Marie,

    Parental support to me is vital when it comes to education. If you can get the parents on board the outcome instantly becomes easier.


  3. Hi Marie,
    Sounds like you have some great ideas and a good start while enjoying your summer and family!

  4. Since posting, I have learned there is a laptop cart of 30 MACs for my use and sign out at my new building!!!! This is very exciting to me, since I have never had use of computers IN my classroom before. Oh my, how the doors have opened wide!

    My GAME plan will be growing exponentially now that I have this resource at my disposal! So...anyone want to teach me how to use a MAC?

  5. I love my MAC and would love to get rid of our PC at home. Side note: my husband is the IT lead at the headquarters for Cooper Tire...he hates when I say that, but he knows it is true! :)You will have Photobooth which is fun as a reward for whatevr goals you set and GarageBand to create podcasts, etc. Can't wait to hear what you think about a MAC. Maybe if you ask they would let you sign one out till school starts to play around with it.

    We have a laptop cart like that in our building. I have mine signed out every Friday right after the spelling test. This is a great way for them to release any anxioity they had during the test and learn through "Play". I usually get their tests graded during this time as well. Unless, we are working on a special project.

  6. Hello Marie,

    I like your ideas. I do agree with you that support from your IT department is vital in the success in technology lessons. We have promethian boards at my school. The teachers who have them love them. They really keep the students engage in the lesson.

    Good Luck.

  7. Kim~ I never thought to ask if I could bring one home! I will be on the phone tomorrow!!!! I have heard about GarageBand. I'm guessing Photobooth will be similar to other photo editing software I have used...can they create digital scrapbooks with it?