Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monitoring the GAME plan progess...

Well, I have officially created a Yahoo Group for my new classroom! I had to create a new Yahoo mail account, which I deemed necessary to keep work separate from my personal account. All the steps were easy to do, bar 1...naming the Group! I finally landed on The Olsen Outpost, which seems lame but efficent for the reason it was set up. I have not posted on the wall yet, since I am the only member, but I now have the email & group for my parents to receive at the opening of the school year! I am very excited to get this underway and hope to have enough participation that it will stay useful. Next step is to create another Google Calendar for links between the 2 and access for whichever they prefer. I guess I'm moving forward...


  1. I will have a Mac laptop in my possession by early next week, courtesy of my curriculum director and new principal. It is funny how much becomes available when you simply ask for it! Also, with the new Yahoo group page and user ID, I have created the Google Calendar today. That puts me on track for meeting my parental connect goal, now to focus my efforts as clearly on my technology goals for integration.

    I believe getting the Mac in my hands with help with that progress. I look forward to working with the GarageBand program to create some podcasts. I will also utilize the screen capture software from Jing to create different tours of information I want them to have in their hands. Very exciting day!!

  2. Good idea to keep your personal and professional accounts separate but connected. As a parent, as well as an educator I find this connection between parents and school works really well.

  3. Marie,

    Way to go, you are making progress on your GAME plan. I love your idea of setting up a Google Calendar. I may just have to borrow that idea.

    Also, congrats on your new addition, the laptop will help make you reach your goal. By the way you are so right about things becoming available when you ask. I have asked for a few things myself and they have been ordered and should arrive before the start of school.

    Victoria Osborn