Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reflecting on my GAME face...

I have learned a LOT through this course! The Cennamo book stays with me, not just for quick class review, but solid, usable teaching. I found the simple steps of the GAME plan to be nothing but a new name for the same old trick, but this acronym works because it is easy to follow. I have found new ideas and different applications to use in achieving goals I have set for years. Using the GAME plan has put me on a time-line for completion, and for my 2 NETS-T goals for involving parents and community members with online collaboration, I am set. (Now, let's hope they are as excited to use and communicate with me through such easy means!)

Upon learning of my unrequested transfer from teaching 8th grade earth science to 5th grade self-contained, I have had my world turned around. I find I am now hopeful and entertained by the new minds I will be meeting, rather than boo-hoo'ing over those I am "losing". I have a very small classroom with little storage for this year which means cleaning out all those unused "rainy day" supplies I've held for so long. I will have Mac wireless notebooks in my classroom which will free me from keeping up with all the paperwork that "must be" submitted. I am eager to get their little fingers and minds working through the wonderful technology tools I am bringing to the classroom.

By far away the best tech tool I've acquired this term is the Digital Storytelling. I am so excited to use it, that I have lessons planned for the first week of school! Maybe catching the kids early will let them see the wonderful educational prospects that come with learning online...I know I have!

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