Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revising the GAME plan

I just read back over my original goals and found I am moving forward rapidly towards success! This is surprising to me, since I thought I would be working much harder (and longer) to accomplish such short successes. My week is winding down now and I have a clearer mind to focus on my objectives. The goals for my focus, so you don't have to look back like I did, are the #3 goals of the NETS-T: online collaboration tools and digital formats for parents and students.

First off, I FINALLY retrieved the Mac (but it's wireless and my house is not) and look forward to using it for the next month. Thanks to some suggestions, I will be playing with GarageBand first.
I already mentioned setting up the communication links with parents and students (and if you read my initial discussion post for this week, you'll understand) which puts me in the right place for returning to school. I will now advance my focus to online-digital tools for students in the classroom. The blocks and filters in my district are very discouraging, but I have found some success when requesting released links through my principal. We will see...

on a side note...anyone else realize that in just 4 short weeks we will begin our FINAL semester????? WOO HOO!


  1. Marie,
    It is unfortunate that school districts place such strict blocks and filters on teacher and student accessibility to the internet. However, I am glad that you have made some progress in that area. Your positive outlook is very refreshing! Keep it up!!!

    Oh and what a wonderful feeling it is to know that we have one more semester!!!
    Heather Streb

  2. Marie

    Good luck. I have tried for two years to get some sites unblocked within my school district, and this year they finally just agreed. There are so many educational websites that are out there that students cannot access because of these filters. As you said, it's very discouraging. Sounds like you're making progress!

  3. Hi Marie,
    My district finally unblocked some sites for teachers but not for students. It's frustrating but you have to work with what you have I guess.
    Good luck.

  4. Hi Marie-

    YES! I have noticed that!

    I am impressed that you are able to get permission for access to websites through your principal. I have communication links set up in my classroom and parents have really loved the fact that they can go straight to my website for all of the information that they need. It also helps me in my strive to "go green."

  5. I continue to persevere as much as I can. It is very disheartening to set up and monitor all the good educational sites only to have filters disallow the use on school.

    @Jenn~that principal came from secondary school of thought, I'm not sure how much I will get this next year with the elementary thoughts...we will see. I have found parents love the email and grades updates at their fingers, so I hope they will help me with the other things I have in my GAME plan...